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Argentina - Liga Nacional 06/15 14:30 3 [7] San Lorenzo v Boca Juniors [4] L 68-77
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Argentina - Liga Nacional 06/10 23:30 3 [4] Boca Juniors v San Lorenzo [7] L 91-47
Argentina - Liga Nacional 06/08 14:30 3 [4] Boca Juniors v San Lorenzo [7] L 79-77
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Argentina - Liga Nacional 05/17 00:30 1 [16] La Unión Formosa v San Lorenzo [9] L 92-79
Argentina - Liga Nacional 05/15 00:30 1 [11] Regatas v San Lorenzo [6] L 82-66
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Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagro is the men's professional club basketball section of the homonymous sports club based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The team plays in the Liga Nacional de Básquet (LNB), which is the first tier level division of the Argentine basketball league system, and Pan-America's premier men's basketball league, the Basketball Champions League Americas. Their home arena is the Estadio Ciudad de Santiago del Estero. The team is currently coached by Silvio Santander. In the period 1942-1973, he stood out for what he did at the amateur and semi-amateur level, in which he won 29 regional titles, won the Argentine Club Championship, and was South American runner-up in 1958. In addition, he was one of the founding clubs of the National League, playing the opening game of said tournament on April 26, 1985. Although the club is known mainly for its soccer part, it is also one of the most important basketball clubs in the country and South America, being a multi-champion at various times in its history. He has to his credit five Leagues (2015-16, 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2020-21), two Liga de las Américas, and other titles such as a Super 4, and two Super Cups. San Lorenzo is the first, and so far, the only Argentine basketball team to face an NBA team. It is the only club that has been four-time and five-time champion of the National League.


Beginning and golden years

San Lorenzo affiliated to the Argentine Association in the 1930s decade, and won a large number of championships from the 1930s to the 1970s, being nicknamed The Cathedral of Basketball. 1942 was the year when San Lorenzo achieved its first titles, winning the Torneo Apertura (Opening Tournament) and the Official championship, organised by the Buenos Aires Basketball Association. One year later, the team won another Apertura title, and they then won the 1946, 1949, and 1950 Apertura official titles. The club's most notable players of that era were Alfredo Belli, Salvador Capece, and Alberto Trama. Other notable members of the team were Armando Bo and Francisco Sommariva.

The 1956 champions posing for El Gráfico

In 1951, San Lorenzo played against The Harlem Globetrotters, at the Estadio Luna Park, in Buenos Aires. That same year, the team won the Apertura championship (and repeated again in 1952), and the Official in 1954. Two years later, the team won another Official title, remaining unbeaten, and its first Torneo Metropolitano (Metropolitan Tournament) title. In 1957, San Lorenzo made its first international tour of Brazil, where the squad won 8 of 12 games played. Players on the tour were: Ricardo Lanzillotta (team captain), Herberto Fagnani, Edgar Parizzia, Oscar Zagatti, Carlos Vasino, Vicente Lazzara, Erio Cassetai, and Carlos Marranzino, with Francisco del Río being the head coach of the team.

San Lorenzo won its first national title in 1958, the Campeonato Argentino (Argentine Championship of Clubs). That allowed the team to play its first official tournament outside of Argentina, as the club competed in the South American top-tier level South American Championship of Champions Clubs, where San Lorenzo finished second, behind Defensor Sporting. At the Argentine national domestic level, San Lorenzo won the 1958 Apertura title, and finished third in the Buenos Aires championship (although the squad won the 1959 and 1960 titles). In 1966, San Lorenzo won the Apertura title finishing unbeaten, and both the Metropolitano and Buenos Aires championships, in 1968.

The 1970s began with the 1970 Metropolitano championship, and the club then winning two titles else in 1971. That same year, San Lorenzo toured in Europe, marking the first time that an Argentine team played there. The club's layers were Oscar Visciglia, Gustavo Aguirre, Carlos Perroni, Carlos Garro, Dante Massolini, Norberto Pacheco, Carlos Perales, Abel Rojas, Néstor Delgui, and Emilio Dumani, with Edgard Parizzia acting as the team's head coach. San Lorenzo defeated OKK Beograd, Yugoslavian national league club, and six rivals from Italy. They also played against the Spain national team. During that tour, the team was nicknamed, La Catedral (The cathedral), after a speech from team player Emilio Dumani, saying: "This is a team that always fights, and never turns off... like the lights of a Cathedral".

Despite those successful years, the 1973 Buenos Aires championship was their last title until the 2010s.

1971 tour of Europe details
Date City Rival Result (wins in bold)
30 Apr Balaguer Spain national team 49–94
1 May Balaguer Gillette (USA) 73–75
2 May Balaguer OKK Beograd 78–74
6 May Bari OKK Beograd 88–89
7 May Bari Fides Napoli 63–93
8 May Bari Tropicali Pesaro 70–72
9 May Roseto Monti Roseto 90–69
12 May Rome Patriarca 89–80
14 May Reggio Emilia La Torre Reggio Emilia 81–57
15 May Brugherio Candy 70–74
16 May Turin Riber 94–79
17 May Genoa Athletic Genova 75–63
19 May Rome Lazio Snadiero 93–85

Liga Nacional and decline

San Lorenzo (in red uniform) played in the first LNB game ever, vs. Argentino de Firmat in 1985. With the ball, León Najnudel.

On April 26, 1985, San Lorenzo played the opening game of the recently created Liga Nacional de Básquet (LNB) (National Basketball League), facing Argentino de Firmat at the Obras Sanitarias venue. Nevertheless, the team was relegated that same year.

The basketball section of the club was inactive between 1986 and 1993, returning only at youth levels. In 1996, San Lorenzo's senior squad returned to first division tournaments of the city of Buenos Aires. The club also won the Under-22 championship (2004), and the 2012 Copa De Oyarbide (Oyarbide Cup).

Return to glory

San Lorenzo players celebrating the 2015–16 season LNB title.

In 2014, San Lorenzo debuted in the Torneo Nacional de Ascenso (TNA) (National Promotion Tournament), the second tier level division of professional basketball in Argentina. In 2015, San Lorenzo acquired a vacant place in the Argentine top-tier level Liga Nacional de Básquet (LNB) (National Basketball League), because of a merger with the club 9 de Julio de Río Tercero. 30 years after its debut in the LNB, San Lorenzo returned to the top division on September 22, 2015, and beat Quimsa, by a score of 79–64.

San Lorenzo won its first LNB title in 2016, after beating La Unión, with a 4–0 series sweep in the league's finals. San Lorenzo player, Walter Herrmann, was chosen as MVP of the Finals.

In the following season, San Lorenzo won its 2nd consecutive Argentine League title, after defeating Regatas Corrientes, 4–1 at the finals. The team became the most winning team in the LNB's history, with a 23–3 record. Gabriel Deck was chosen as the Final's MVP. Unlike the 2015–16 series, San Lorenzo played its home games at Roberto Pando arena, in Boedo, Buenos Aires.

San Lorenzo je argentinský basketbalový tým se sídlem v Boedo ve městě Buenos Aires. Klub je známý především díky svému oddílu kopané (fotbalu), ale má také úspěšný basketbalový tým, který hraje v argentinské první divizi Liga Nacional de Básquet.

San Lorenzo bylo založeno v roce 1908 a jeho basketbalový oddíl byl vytvořen v roce 1930. Klub vyhrál svůj první titul argentinského mistra v roce 1947 a od té doby vyhrál dalších pět titulů (1950, 1956, 1957, 1959 a 2016).

San Lorenzo je známé svým útočným stylem hry a má ve svém kádru několik významných hráčů, včetně Nicoláse Laprovਿੱtoly, Gabricela Decka a Matíase Calfaniho.

Klub hraje své domácí zápasy v Estadio Polideportivo Roberto Pando, které má kapacitu přibližně 2 500 diváků.

San Lorenzo je jedním z nejúspěšnějších basketbalových týmů v Argentině a patří mezi přední týmy v Jižní Americe. Klub reprezentoval Argentinu také na mnoha mezinárodních soutěžích, včetně mistrovství světa FIBA a FIBA AmerCup.