Švédsko - Hokejová liga - ženy 04/07 16:05 1 [1] Brynas IF ženy v Lulea HF ženy [3] L 2-5
Švédsko - Hokejová liga - ženy 04/05 16:05 1 [3] Lulea HF ženy v Brynas IF ženy [1] W 2-7
Švédsko - Hokejová liga - ženy 04/03 13:05 1 [1] Brynas IF ženy v Lulea HF ženy [3] L 0-2
Švédsko - Hokejová liga - ženy 04/01 16:05 1 [1] Brynas IF ženy v Lulea HF ženy [3] W 3-1
Švédsko - Hokejová liga - ženy 03/30 16:05 1 Lulea HF ženy v Brynas Women L 2-1
Švédsko - Hokejová liga - ženy 03/25 17:00 2 [1] Brynas IF ženy v HV 71 ženy [4] W 3-1
Švédsko - Hokejová liga - ženy 03/23 18:00 2 Brynas Women v HV 71 ženy W 3-0
Švédsko - Hokejová liga - ženy 03/21 17:00 2 HV 71 ženy v Brynas Women W 0-8
Švédsko - Hokejová liga - ženy 03/16 17:30 3 Brynas Women v Leksands IF ženy W 8-0
Švédsko - Hokejová liga - ženy 03/14 17:30 3 Leksands IF ženy v Brynas Women W 1-4
Švédsko - Hokejová liga - ženy 03/06 12:00 - Brynas Women v AIK ženy W 2-0
Švédsko - Hokejová liga - ženy 03/05 12:00 - Brynas Women v SDE HF ženy W 4-3

Wikipedia - Brynäs IF Dam

Brynäs IF Dam are an ice hockey team in the Swedish Women's Hockey League (SDHL). They play in Gävle, on the eastern-central coast of Sweden, at the Monitor ERP Arena. A constituent part of the Swedish sports club Brynäs IF, they are the sister team of Brynäs IF of the Swedish Hockey League (SHL).


Between 2010 and 2013, the club advanced to the Riksserien playoff finals four seasons in a row, finishing in second place each time. In 2014, the club unveiled new jerseys, the only ones in Europe to be completely ad-free.

Between 2013 and 2019, the club saw its fortunes decline dramatically, and in 2017, head coach Madeleine Östling left the club to coach Linköping instead.

After the 2017–18 season saw Brynäs finish in 8th place amid numerous complaints surrounding the treatment of players, the club launched a significant rebuild, firing head coach Åke Lilljebjörn, increasing investment into development programmes, and signing star forward Erika Grahm on a player-coach contract with the intention of training her to be the organisation's future Sports Manager.

After making a number of major signings, including Lara Stalder, Michela Cava, and Kateřina Mrázová, improved to 3rd in the league during the 2019–20 SDHL season, and advanced to the semi-finals for the first time in seven years. In January 2020, the club announced a cooperation with the municipality to create a local sports education centre, allowing young girls to specialise in hockey education during high school. After the end of the season, Stalder would be the first women to be awarded the Guldhjälmen as the SDHL's most valuable player.

The team began the 2020–21 SDHL season with a seven-game winning streak, the last team in the league to remain undefeated until a 5–3 loss to Linköping HC.